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Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Leftovers

There's only one thing that is going to be in the news today, so let's just get it out of the way Frist first:

In this case, the highest court in the land. One might think that it would be a good idea for someone to have served as a judge at some point in her career before she is appointed to the court that rules on all other judges' decisions. One might think that, but then you'd probably think that the director of FEMA ought to have had some kind of experience in managing disasters. How Rude. The truth of the matter is that we knew that this crap was coming down the pike as of November 3, 2004 - thank you Mr. Electibility, next time we Elect Ability...

In other news, they're actually talking aloud about letting the 9th Ward of New Orleans revert into swampland - it looks like they're not going to rebuild it. I wouldn't be surprised to see them build condos - high-rise, of course - but they just might let it revert to swampland. What about the people who used to live there? What makes you think that this administration gives a levee about the poor and disenfranchised?

William Raspberry writes an excellent WaPo OpEd about the travails of Delay, Frist, & Bush. Nothing to add, really, just click it and read it.

I was one of many who was disappointed to see Roy Jones, Jr. lose to Antonio Tarver without putting up much of a fight. His words after the fight cleared things up a bit - Roy didn't want people's last memory of him to be him on the business-end of a Smokey quip, "You just got knocked the f*** out!" He said that his heart wasn't really in it and it showed - the Roy Jones of old would have taken Tarver out on several occasions, but twice-knocked-out Roy Jones couldn't pull the trigger. He had a great run and his name will be mentioned along side Ali and Sugar Ray (the 1st one) as one of the all-time great pugilists, unlike the Democratic Party...

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Now that is a funny cartoon!

Posted by Blogger Craig DeLuz @ Tuesday, October 11, 2005 8:47:00 PM #
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