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Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Democratic Vision

You've probably heard by now about Tom DeLay getting indicted on conspiracy charges. After reading a few articles from the New York Times, Yahoo! News, and even the Wall Street Journal, it appears that the GOP is in a bit of turmoil. The articles bring up the fact that Tom DeLay is not the only prominent Republican with issues; Bill Frist has his own mo' money mo' problems scandal, investigations are on-going concerning the White House/CIA leak, and President Bush is dealing with Hurricanes Katrina & Rita (not to mention the War in Iraq and low approval ratings).

Without a doubt, the GOP is in a weakened state right now- at least the weakest since Clinton was in office. If things continue on this way, the Democrats have the best shot they've seen in years to make some significant gains. In order to do that, however, the Democrats can't just rely on Republicans shooting themselves in the foot; Democrats have to offer a new vision for America that will take us where we need to go as a nation. Democrats must put forth an comprehensive and cohesive agenda.

Have you been to the DNC website? Almost every time I go there I feel like I get more information on Republicans in the first five seconds then I do on Democrats. There's all this info about what Republicans are doing wrong, but not much info on what Democrats are doing right. What are Democrats doing right? What do Democrats want? Why should the people give Democrats contral of the House and/or Senate? What is the Democratic vision for America?

Do YOU know?

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