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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Leftovers

You know when the leftovers make it to Tuesday that they have to be disposed of rather quickly, so let's get to it.

Bush nominee John Roberts has affirmed his support for stare decisis - and by extension, Roe v. Wade - essentially assuring his confirmation as Chief Justice. We will be dealing with him for the next 30-40 years. Enjoy.

FEMA Director Mike Brown has hit the bricks. Mr. Brown said that he felt that his role had become an obstacle to the agency's work. I suppose that would be similar to Omarosa's role being an obstacle to Kwame's work on The Apprentice. We wish Mr. Brown well in his next endeavor, hopefully as a sanitation engineer...


And they wonder why we don't too much want to fool with them - they just don't get it. When you're safely bunkered behind levees seperating the Have Gots from the Have Nots you don't have to face these issues, but us'ns have to deal with it e'r day. They don't get it and we don't have time to teach them - two tears in a bucket...

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It's naive in the extreme to think that Roberts supports Roe vs. Wade. The whole stare decisis meme is a right-wing smokescreen used to obscure the fact that a Supreme Court justice does not need to abide by past precedent. Do you think Bush would have nominated Roberts if he wasn't likely to overturn Roe? Do you think the Republican base would be so enthusiastic about Roberts if they thought there was even a small chance that he'd vote to uphold Roe?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 1:47:00 PM #

Roe is actually a secondary issue for the folks really driving the right wing boat. It is important to those folks only in that it gets the fundagelical masses frothing at the mouth. The real issue's are economic in nature. Interstate commerce clause in particular. Roe is not what they really care about.

Posted by Blogger Andrew C. White @ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 2:23:00 PM #

Roberts is basically irrelevant..he cant be any worse than the guy he is NOW replacing. The REAL fight comes with the NEXT nominee.

*drumming fingers on the desk waiting for W to lob up a real winner*

Posted by Blogger DP @ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:19:00 PM #

RE: Roe v. Wade

I don't think the Republicans will ever overturn Roe v. Wade - they stand to lose too much if they do. If Roe is overturned then all of the red states will immediately ban abortion and all of the blue states will immediately legalize abortion. The abortion fight - along with it millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers - would then go to the purple states. The state GOP in the purple states tend to be of the Rockefeller Republican variety, and the national GOP has spent the last generation and a half trying to kill that wing of the party. The last thing that they would do is send millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers to that wing of their party. Next to last thing, actually. The last thing that they would do is kill the goose that lays the golden egg for the national GOP, the national abortion fight.

And I think what the Right is really after is the overturn of Marbury v. Madison...

Posted by Blogger Athanasius @ Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:20:00 PM #
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