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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Compassion and Justice for Katrina Victims

It was so good today to read some insights from Dr. Cornel West on the people affected by Katrina.

One of my favorite insights that he made was that "prophetic Christianity is compassion and justice for those who have least." And I would add that part of the tragedy of the Katrina aftermath is how many working class people have now joined the group of those who have the least.

Another favorite insight from Dr. West's piece is the obligation of the "black bourgeoisie." By many critieria, I am a member of this group - or the "talented tenth" as some would put it. But I find such terms set the bar too high.

You don't need to be rich or the most highly-educated African American in order to contribute. The relief efforts in our community demonstrate that. The biggest fallacy of this black-bourgeoisie and talented-tenth talk is that you have to be extra-ordinary to make a difference for other black people. We are all ordinary people. It's our mission that is extraordinary.

All that needed is the most basic human functions: Can you speak? Can you read? Can you communicate? Did you feel anger? A sense of right and wrong? Do you want to do something?

Black folks have all we need to make a difference in a lasting way from this Katrina tragedy. Would you like to participate? Email: info@africanamericansfordemocracy.com

Please forward this message to other African Americans who have consciousness

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