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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Word For The Week

Enemy Mine

There is a saying that is truly ages-old:
"Revenge is a dessert that is best served cold."
The sweetest payback
Will come on the day that
Your enemy's down with his face on the mat.

Mount the attack
And slap the black from his crack.

But before you ask to see
What's gotten into me
You need to ask yourself,
"Who is my enemy?"


I know that some brothers have treated you bad -
May be the best man or perhaps it's your dad.
He may have left you with a child
Or he may have got buck-wild
With his fists -
Maybe his presence you miss.
But no matter how long
He's been in the wrong -
Even if he's singing the Whisper song -
I want you to begin to see
That the brothers
That that brother
Is not your true enemy.

Black man
Brother man
Son of the Motherland
I truly understand
All about the Next Man
Who always seems to have a plan
For your destruction
I know why you keep the Gloc cocked -
To make sure that the clock stops
When you squeeze off that hot shot -
But in the end that leads to corruption.
There was a time in my own life
When I thought I had a wife
But enter the Next Man -
But take him out?
Would I dare?
Yep, I had him in cross-hairs
Yet I couldn't pull the trigger -
Why must I be the bigger nigger?
As I look in retrospect
God stepped in to protect my neck
For the Next Man got his on the next day -
He lost family courtesy of Timothy McVeigh.
I don't want you to miss
That the point is simply this:
While the Next Man was no friend to me
He still is not my true enemy.

My enemy prowls like a roaring lion
Seeking someone to devour
This very hour
He's the father of lies
And a master of disguise
And he keeps before our eyes
So many issues
That it can't be seen
That behind the scene
He exists -
It's his greatest trick.
We find enemies all around us
And this state of being confounds us
Such that we focus on our problems
And hope that we can solve them
In our own strength,
But we can't go the length
Of this sojourn on our own.

Even though it seems the same
We're playing the wrong game
You see, living without the Lord
Is like playing Checkers on a Chess Board.
Your enemy would have you to pursue
Whatever sex satisfies you
Or any prize upon which you lay your eyes
Or whatever makes you smile wide with pride -
Anything to keep you from the Lord:
"Serve me and the world is yours!"
Says the enemy.
He'll use the carrot or the stick -
Give you success or trick after trick after trick -
Whatever it takes to make you escape
The grace of God.

God wants you
He wants you to let Him love you.
Jesus died to do for you
What no man can do -
No matter his hue -
And that is to bring you to God:
A twenty-carat diamond without defect.
This is what the enemy hates
This is why he tries to berate
The followers of Jesus Christ
The Way
The Truth
The Life
And in this shootout you brought a knife?
"My people perish for a lack of knowledge."
Know your true enemy.

And while he seeks to cajole you
He cannot control you
And what I'm seeking to show you
Is that God wants to know you -
Do you want to know Him?
Will you let Him in?
Will you turn away from sin?
Are you ready for new life to begin?
Or will you let your enemy win?
He is the original liar
And he wants you to join him in the lake of fire
After all, misery loves company.
So choose this day whom you will serve,
Be it the Lord God on high
Or the prince of this earth
But as for me and my house
We will serve the Lord.
For when it's all said and done
And the course of time has run
When the enemy tastes defeat
And knows that he's been beat
Then I'll mount the attack
And smack the black from his crack
As we cast him back
Into the lake of fire.
He'd love for you to join him too
But that, my friend, is up to you.
Accept Jesus and new life is yours
Reject Him and suffering now is just hors d'oeuvre
The enemy will use the brother who left you with a child
Or the one who tried to get buck wild
Or the Next Man
With a knife in his hand
And a plan
To get you into the lake of fire -
He'll use success or a quagmire.
So choose this day whom you will serve -
Do you want new life or just more hors d'oeuvre?

May The LORD bless you and keep you;
May the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
And may the LORD,
Who wants you to get with Him,
My He turn His face toward you and give you peace.

Emancipated by Athanasius @ 11:00 AM

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Oscar, this is awesome! I am so glad that you are exercising this talent again..And let the people say, AMEN!

Posted by Blogger CalGal9 @ Sunday, November 06, 2005 10:35:00 PM #
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