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Friday, October 14, 2005

Culture of Life Part 2

With respect to abortion, we as a society have lost our focus on the issue. We've become too bogged down in a "woman's right to choose" and the issue of women's bodies. Abortion is viewed exclusively as a woman's issue when it's not- it's a human issue. Babies come in both sexes.

Abortion being a human issue, we need the concerted efforts of both women and men to protect life. Does that mean writing your Congressman? Holding a rally or march? No.

Let's be real here: if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, would that stop abortions from happening? Of course not. In my humble opinion if you're really concerned with the lives of unborn babies you're severely wasting your time trying to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

The fact is we need the men in our society to step up and accept responsibility. If you're not ready to have a child with the woman you lay down with, don't lay with her. If she's not ready to have a child with you, don't lay down with her. If the condom breaks, step up and be a man about it. If you don't have a "just in case" plan, you really don't need to be gettin' busy.

I feel like in our society we focus so much on what a woman is supposed to do, especially with regard to pre-marital sex, abortion, etc., that we just give a pass to the men.

See, it takes a sperm to fertalize the egg. So somewhere along the line a male (not necessarily a man) was involved. Where is he now?

I'm not talking about rape, incest, etc. Those situations are stark and unfortunate reminders of the imperfection of this world. And the role of men in such situations is a discussion for another blog post (trust, I do have opinions on that topic as well).

If the men in our society step up to plate and be men, I guarantee the abortion rate will go down. Will be it zero? No, that's just not reality.

But as men we can play a great role in making sure that the only abortions that transpire are those which are dire, unique, outstanding situations.

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