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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hump Day Issues

If there was any doubt as to whether or not Big Brother was watching you, it seems that anything printed with a color laser printer has a code embedded in it that identifies the printer's serial code and the date/time of printing. The Secret Service says that it is to combat counterfitting. Right.

Apparently, rumors are flying that Cheney will be asked to resign over the Plame-CIA leak debacle. Anyone who actually believes this needs to contact me regarding some ocean-front property that I have to sell in Colorado. The only way that Cheney prematurely leaves office is via cardiac arrest, although that could be the cover story that they use to accomplish the same objective. BushCo would never admit or even suggest that they or anyone associated with them is in the wrong, so Cheney resigning under pressure could never happen - at least not in that fashion. Doctors' orders would be another matter altogether, so let's see what happens with Dr. Evil's ticker.

Hurricane Wilma is now a Category 5 Hurricane with sustained winds of 175 mph and evil intentions for Florida. If you're in the Sunshine State, find your way to Georgia now instead of getting stuck on I-75 when 10 million of your neighbors get the idea to head north sometime Friday or Saturday...

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