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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No Taxation Without Representation

As the next election day draws near, I'm reminded of the fact that DC resident have no representation in the Legislative Branch. None. Oh yeah we pay those Federal taxes and serve in those Federal wars.

But no input on how those tax dollars are spent or on whom war or peace is declared.

The Hon. Elenor Holmes Norton has been fighting for years to get the vote for DC, inching ever closer to the day of full enfranchisement.

If you truly love democracy (and you live in one of the fifty states) please urge your representative to support full voting rights for the District of Columbia.

Think about this way: Sen. Bill Frist and Rep. Denny Hastert hold control over a majority Black Democratic city. You wouldn't want that for your town would you? I didn't think so.

...and you know you want two more Democratic senators and another seat in the House. So do the right thing. Support full DC voting rights.

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