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Friday, October 13, 2006

Democrats Better Win

The Democrats better take at least the House if not the Senate as well. I mean the Republicans have basically rolled out the red carpet for the Dems with blunder after blunder, scandal after scandal. If the Dems can't pull this off then there needs to be a serious re-examination of the entire party from top to bottom.

Not only that, but I think the country needs for the Democrats to take at least the House. The deficits, corruption, incomptence - it's just not healthy. I don't think the Democratic party is the best thing since sliced bread, but I mean as a tax-paying citizen I expect a lot more than this garbage.

What's really pathetic is the sad story of this Foley scandal. Folks knew that something was going on and did absolutely nothing. Nothing. For years.

These are the same folks that impeached President Clinton for lying about getting head from a consenting adult, then they turn around and protect a child predator sending instant messages to teenagers asking "Do I make you horny?" How disgusting!

And let me be clear - when I'm talking about Republicans I'm not saying that all registered Republicans are horrible people or anything like that. The Republican leadership, however, is on some reeeeaaally shakey ground right about now.

What I don't understand is how some registered Republicans accept incompetence from their elected officials. I mean sheer incompetence. Like the whole Iraq war situation. Or the surplus-to-deficit magic trick. Or not being able to even rescue American citizens stranded in a flooded city. What good is the government if it takes days to even REACT with any sort of purpose? And say all you want about the incompetent local government (Dems some they be), but I believe part of our federal taxes go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for occasions such as, say...a hurricane?! I know there are plenty of Republicans from Christian evangelicals to fiscal conservatives have stopped drinking the Kool-Aid and have realized that the emperor has no clothes. Look, I'll vote for a Repub if I think they're the right person for the job. I would've voted for Bloomberg in NYC last time if I was still registered to vote there. I'd consider voting for John McCain if he ran for president. Now I'm registered in DC, and that means I have no represenation in Congress. Booooo!!! Nor is there statewide office either so the options are limited.

All I'm saying is, I'm tired of this garbage and if the Democrats can do a decent job then they better win.

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