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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Death Of A Salesman

The death of al Zarqawi is functionally irrelevant - he has merely assisted the indigenous opposition to the American occupation of the Iraqi's homeland, and as such his death simply means that someone else will take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself with the Iraqis continually resisting America's occupation of their home. The root problem isn't some "terrorist" or terrorist network; the root problem is our occupation of someone else's home.

Put another way, it's kind of like a rapist hoping that his victim will begin to approve of him once the guy who was trying to help her has been killed. Never mind the gun to the back of her head, her face in the pavement, or the throbbing member invading her person, a "terrorist" was killed - certainly she'll come around and begin to approve of being raped.

Certainly not.

Besides, look at the domestic political landscape - the GOP tried to whip up their base with "immigration reform" and ended up wedging their own party. Then they tried that lame attempt at a Constitutional Amendment to whip up their party and lost the vote outright, 49-48. Understand the signifigance of this - on a matter that the GOP said was the moral imperative they couldn't even get a majority of the Senate to agree, even though the GOP holds a comfortable majority of the Senate. There is no way that they were going to let that show of weakness make its way through a couple news cycles so it was time to change the subject - dramatically - hence Zarqawi's head on the metaphorical pike.

Where's Osama bin Forgotten?

I'm sure that they'll find his head on a pike somewhere around October 2008 - Mission Accomplished and all that.

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