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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I wish I had something worthwhile to say today, but the truth is that I'm still fighting off a sinus infection and my phone decided to give itself a swirlie this morning at work. I'm sick and unexpectedly out a couple hundred bucks (no, I didn't have the insurance) so I suppose I'm just not in much of a writing groove right about now. Plus, in upgrading Firefox I lost my SpellBound spell checker, so I'm really not a happy camper right about now.

Then too, I have no idea if anyone's actually reading anything that I write anyway.

If you are actually reading this then a word of encouragement in the comments would be greatly appreciated - let me know that someone intentionally drops by here from time to time. Most of what I see from the Site Meter looks like folks Googling slavery and stumbling across my mindless musings. Enough of my blather for now - peace, love and hair grease.

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