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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Elections Have Consequences

Thanks to those cowards who call themselves Democrats we are beginning to feel the full effects of a second Bush term – two new Supreme Court justices have shifted the Court rightward on matters that affect every caste of American society. The most recent ruling, Garcetti v. Ceballos, takes liquid nitrogen to the likelihood of public employees speaking out against the unethical actions of their employers. The majority consisted of Roberts (age: 51), Alito (age: 56), Thomas (age: 58), Kennedy (age: 70), and Scalia (age: 70), a five-some that will decide the majority of cases over the next couple decades, unless Kennedy and Scalia prematurely kick the bucket.

If the Democratic Party would have defined its values and courageously run on those values then there would have been no second Bush term, Diebold notwithstanding. If the Democrats would have nominated a candidate that stood for Democratic principles instead of Democratic principals then we wouldn’t be fretting over the pending disintegration of the Bill of Rights.As it stands, we better be ready to check our shit in:
We now live in a Brave New World, and we can thank the pusillanimous progressives who thought that they could play presidential politics with the public by using their "electibility" meme instead of standing firm upon their values and fighting for that in which they believe. If the rank-and-file Democrats could get a Mulligan for 2004 and try it again, I can assure you that Howard Dean would be the nominee and I can also assure you that even Diebold wouldn’t be able to prevent Bush’s privatization.

In 2008 let’s give the Republicans an opportunity to take a Mulligan on their 2000 foul-up – you know they have a serious case of buyers’ remorse over Dubya – and let’s draft the new and improved Al Gore for 2008. Of course, I'm biased...

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