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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day BBQ

Before we go out and sacrifice a number of chickens and cows on the hibachi altar, here's a couple morsels for you to chew on:

Labor is in deep caca right about now. It is a buyer's labor market and the AFL-CIO refuses to reorganize in such a way as to adjust to the clear and present danger of labor unions going the way of the convection oven. "Wal-Mart provides a chilling example of the damage that low-wage, non-union corporations can wreak, and their business model is going to set the standards for our children unless we do something now," Andrew L. Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), wrote in 2004. "Wal-Mart is the sewer pipe through which good jobs are being flushed." Moreover, the Mechanics are about to be broken at Northwest Airlines and this will lead to most every other airline union being broken in time. Adapt or die - that needs to be Labor's new motto lest it become Labor's epitaph.

America is in deep caca. I never thought that my contempt for the Bush Administration could get any stronger, yet when I read about how they destroyed FEMA over the last 5 years and how they sat around and debated lines of authority while people were dying in the bayou I can only conjure up words unfit to print. May God have mercy on their souls.

The Law is heading into - you guessed it - deep caca. Chief Justice Rehnquist has gone to meet his maker, and Bush is going to appoint a new Chief Justice. This is not going to be a kinder, gentler experience for anyone. Here's the thing to watch - and mark my words on this one - if Bush nominates Clarence Thomas to replace Rehnquist then you know that he is serious about overturning Roe v. Wade (and everything else going back to Marbury v. Madison). You see, in order for them to overturn past Supreme Court decisions without a Constitutional Amendment you need a Chief Justice who does not hold to stare decisis, and Clarence Thomas does not hold to stare decisis. It should be noted that Antonin Scalia - Scalia! - was freaked out by this. If Thomas is nominated and confirmed as Chief Justice then life as we have known it in America will come to an abrupt halt. I know that sounds preposterous, but let it come to pass and you will see that it was actually prescient. If the Roberts nomination goes through then this is a moot point - abortion is off of the table for a generation. The question that the Democrats will have to ask him is whether or not he holds to stare decisis. That will answer the abortion question.

Enjoy your BBQ.

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