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Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Leftovers

Remember how, back in the day, Sunday dinner was always a big to-do? The big meal with all of the trimmings? Remember how Mondays was always the leftover meal? It's Monday, and here are the leftovers:

I really do try to avoid the dreaded phrase, "I told you so" because it really does annoy people to no end - everyone hates a know-it-all - but last week I said that Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza would do nothing for peace in the Middle East, and what happened less than a week later? BOOM! Suicide bomber attack. And Hamas reaffirming its mission to eradicate Israel. Good luck with a "negotiated settlement" folks.

No. Not even a little bit. The United States ranked 24th out of 29 nations tested in math literacy. The U.S. also ranked 24th out of 29 when it came to problem-solving. Needless to say, Blacks (and Latinos & Native Americans) lagged behind Whites as far as the Americans went. We are in deep caca and our primary focus has to be educating our children. Like it or not, multinational corporations have driven us into a global economy where the global labor pool is competing for increasingly scarce jobs. Ranking 24th out of 29 doesn't bode well for the employability of our children in the future, and it doesn't bode well for their entrepreneurial enterprises either. We have to covenant with one another to make our children the brightest in the world.

All of us have things with which we struggle, things about our character that we know needs improvement. One of my biggest problems is controlling my mouth - my word usage can be a bit profane at times, and I really try to keep that in check. Nonetheless, I have to ask WTF is Betsy Rothstein and/or Patricia Clarke thinking by referring to the most universally reviled Black woman (even surpassing Condi) as "the beloved 'The Apprentice' star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth" in The Hill? I do realize that America seems to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, that America has next to no sense of history, but do they really think that America suffers from amnesia as well? "The beloved Omarosa" ranks right up there with "The voluptuous Ellen DeGeneres" or "The anorexic Mo'Nique" or "The despised Luther VanDross" - unreal. I mean, what's next? "The restrained Rude Pundit?" "The liberal Free Republic?" "The Christian Bill Maher?"

Well, the leftovers are kinda thin today so have some dessert.

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