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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Crumb Snatchers

How long will we be content to be snatching for crumbs of the American pie before we build our own frickin' oven?

An article in the New York Times yesterday highlighted the increased poverty rate, which has now reachd 12.7%.

Guess who has the lowest median income? That's right- Black folk.

Isn't it sad that after all the free labor of Black folk both during and after slavery, we still earn the least?

It might not be so bad if the issue of wealth- which is the real bling bling- wasn't just as bleak.

The net wealth of a typical Black home is only one-quarter of the wealth of the typical American home- and this is including all Americans, not just White folk.

Look man, we gotta handle our business. Yeah we're starting off of at a lower point due to aforementioned free labor, but we can do this.

If can survive the Middle Passage, slavery, and all the b.s. that came after the Emancipation Proclamation, we can overcome this hurdle as well.

If we can make bricks without straw, we can build our own oven. Let's do it.

Emancipated by Talib @ 4:57 PM

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