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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Let's Get Free

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Ever wonder if we're in a matrix-type world and Black folk are still in bondage here in the U.S.?

Consider this fact: Black people are 12.3% of the general U.S. population, but make up 43.9% of the incarcerated population. If we are just under half of one quarter of the total population, how do we make up almost half the percentage of inmates?

Intelligent thinking will tell you that the social construct of race is not an inherent crime indicator.

We need different policies. We need policies that recognize there is no difference between powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

We need policies that encourage rehabilitation for drug users instead of locking up mommies and daddies for years on end.

We need policies that focus on crime prevention instead of criminal detention.

Who creates these policies? Our elected officials. Who gives our elected officials power? We do.

To keep it real, short of being a millionaire, there's not much one single person can do to effect sweeping change.

However, one single person can form a link in the chain which tears down bad policy and lifts up good policy.

One person can write letters to the editor of their local newspaper or talk to their neighbors and enlighten them.

One person can call their elected official and give their two cents.

One person can make the decision to vote for someone who they believe will enact good policy.

Nothing will get better until YOU do something about it.

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