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Friday, July 01, 2005

Nuclear Option

Sandra Day O'Conner is retiring, and if you have never witnessed or been a part of a gang fight then watch the Senate over the next few weeks.

How will this affect Black Folks? We will need to come together as a people because America is about to tear itself apart. If the Republicans are foiled at installing a Clarence Thomas clone then the Religious Right could - essentially - declare a jihad against all things even remotely affiliated with the Democratic Party. Keep in mind that the Religious Right is no more an accurate example of Christianity than is Osama bin Laden an accurate example of Islam. On the flip side, however, if the Republicans are successful in installing a Clarence Thomas clone then you can bet your life that the secular left will declare war on the Church - specifically the Black Church, but the White Church, Evangelical Church, liberal Church, or whatever church will get some too. Mosques and Synagogues will probably catch it too. The point is that no matter who wins this fight we're going to be attacked in the aftermath.

So what do we do? If history is our guide then we can reasonably expect that Black folk won't come together until there is a boot lodged firmly in our collective coccyx. Personally, I'd like us to get it together before it comes to that and position ourselves in such a way as to avoid getting kicked in the first place, but how do we do that? I believe it will take a critical mass of Black folk working in concert, and I see three options:
  1. Vocally and overtly religiously throw our support behind the Democrats. Most of us are at least tacitly supporting the Democratic Party anyway, so this would take the least amount of effort and coordination, and it could lessen the left's reaction when they get steamrolled in the Senate.
  2. Overtly throw our support behind the Republicans. Personally, I think this is suicidal on many levels, but it is an option. If you believe that the left is destined to lose this fight (I do) and that their reaction against all religious folks is inevitable (I do) then it could be argued that we should go ahead and switch camps now and find common cause with the GOP. I don't buy it, but it is an option.
  3. Sit back and watch the fireworks. Let the chips fall where they may and then go get some K-Y Jelly because we will get caught up in the reaction, like it or not.
What do you think?

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One thing is for certain - this will certainly help buoy Bush's sagging poll numbers by solidifying his base in this fight.

Posted by Blogger Athanasius @ Friday, July 01, 2005 3:59:00 PM #

Unfortunately, 3 but what do I know..
Great post Oscar!!

Missing you at DFA already :(

Posted by Anonymous kimmycash @ Friday, July 01, 2005 4:25:00 PM #

I believe in having an option #4:

Regardless of which party you as a Black person choose to be in, speak true to power and agitate if necessary in order to make decisions and be heard.

In the Democratic Party, there is at least a precedent for that kind of voice already, in the Jesse Jackson tradition of saying that the Democratic Party can do better ("Slap the Donkey" as Rev Al has said).

Doing this a stretch in the context of the Republican Party, due to the way that it insists on loyalty. But if some Black Republicans have the courage to challenge their own party as some Black Democrats are challenging their's, it's all good.

BTW, Black people being the way we are, I think all 4 points of view will be represented. It's just unclear which proportion of us will choose which option.

Posted by Blogger Quintus Jett @ Friday, July 01, 2005 5:04:00 PM #
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