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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We Are Everywhere

If I hadn't talked to many members of AAFD myself, I would have no idea! We really are everywhere. Different states. Different countries, even Switzerland and Japan. We're people from different walks of life who might never have come together, if not for our common cause of empowering Black communities through grassroots activism and affordable donations.

It's very powerful when different people in different places act together. Take Voter Rights Restoration for former felons in Iowa, for example.

When someone on our steering committee wanted to pass on information about the Iowa situation (see our June 1 newsletter), I knew about 3-4 people who were pretty well connected in Iowa and who could pass the information on. I didn't know any of these people two years ago.

Through AAFD, I have met very capable people from a lot of different places. When I meet them, they just seem like good people. Most times, I don't know even know about all the skills and relationships they have. Then an occasion arises - like dealing with Iowa voter rights restorations - and I suddenly realize that I have a crew of people to turn to for help.

That's what we're about. There are capable Black people - and allies of Black people - everywhere. We're constructing a kind of "nervous system" that will allow us to move together quickly and decisively for political impact.

If this appeals to you, keep following us and watching us. Better yet, join us. There will be a lot of little things that you can do within the next 10 days or so. I'll talk about some of these things tomorrow.

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