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Friday, July 06, 2007

Too Little, Too Late?

Yet another Republican senator has called for a change in the War in Iraq. Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico is the most recent GOP stalwart to wake up and smell the napalm in the morning, following Senator Richard Lugar who spoke up last week and Senator John Warner who spoke up in April.

This is why I love democracy: these guys want to keep their jobs and they know the writing is on the wall. They know that the American people from coast to coast are sick of this stupid (no planning) and immoral (no reason) war. They don't want to end up like Rick "Conservatively Asinine" Santorum and Lincoln "If Only I Were a Democrat" Chaffee (real shame about Senator Chaffee, the only knock against him was the R). And Sen. Warner really doesn't want to end up like George "Macaca" Allen.

But it seems too little, too late. We as a nation - nay, as a world even - could have used some cajones a few years ago. These guys could have stood up and said something in 2004, 2005, or even 2006. But nooo, they were too drunk off the wine power and now they lost it. And we all continue to get screwed by Bush and Dick.

The real tragedy in all of this is that it could've been different if not for the very same average citizens who are now waking up to smell the coffee and realizing they drank the Koo-Aid. The same electoral pressures that elected Democrats in 2006 and that the Republicans are feeling now could've been applied in 2004. Of course there were many across this land who didn't drink the Kool-Aid and tried to warn our fellow citizens. We tried to illuminate the folly our government's ways but no, others would not listen. We went to our own party and asked for actual representation - backbone is what we said - but no, they would not listen. We marched and protested and blogged and wrote articles and essays and screamed at the top of our lungs! But others would not listen. Our representatives failed us. Our free media failed us. Our government has failed us and in a democracy the only thing that means is that we have all failed ourselves.

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