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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Comics

Job One
Payday Loans
Grave Miscalculations
We The People
Personal Responsibility...
...vs. Republican Values
Stuff Happens
Thong Song
Oh Happy Day
I'm A Democrat
Republican Eunuch
Viva La Revolution!
Republican Season
50-State Mission Accomplished
Hell To The Naw
Just Say No
Two Thumbs Up
Southern Comfort
Uppity Insurgency
No Remorse
Hook 'Em!
Rodeo Clown
Ownership Society
True Temptation
Governing's For Grownups
Presidential Campaign Season
Collateral Damage
The Vision Thing
Check, Mate
Waterboard Time
Minimum Wage
Rollin' On Dubs
Unlimited Warfare
Hand It To Republicans
Kicked That Elephant

And my favorite for today: Impeachment Suit

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