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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Whup that Ass

It really irritates me when I see one of our brothers or sisters so entranched in one political party or the other that they seem more loyal to their party than their people.

Sure African Americans for Democracy grew out of the Howard Dean campaign, but we're ready to whup that Democrat Ass whenever necessary.

Why? Because we're loyal to the people, that's why we're here.

We ain't tryin' to ride donkeys, we're trying to put our collective Black foot up that Democrat Ass.

Now, I feel that it isn't necessary to go into examples of Black Republicans lovin' that elephant- just too cliche.

But I'll just give one example of an entrenced Black Dem who pissed me off and almost helped push me to the Republican Party (that is, until I got to the College Repubs meeting and they started acting like stereotypical Republicans).

I was at a political forum at Howard University once upon a time, and there were representatives for the Repubs, Dems, Greens, and the SEIU (don't ask me why SEIU was there, I don't know).

All the reps were Black males, and the brother representing the Dems was going on and on like a Teddy Ruxpin about how the Democratic Party is the party for Black folk- always has been, always will be (I guess we'll just scratch the first one hundred fifty years or so, including party starter head slave-owner in charge Thomas Jefferson).

Anyway, upon question and answer time I asked the brother why, if the Democratic Party loves Black folk so much, why didn't Bill Clinton sign an executive order banning racial profiling? The same question was actually posed by Bill Bradley to Al Gore during the 2000 primaries.

So the Dem brother goes into how racial profiling is a hate crime and how the Repubs stonewalled the Dems from passing hate crimes legislation.

An answer which, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with my question.

Unfortunately I couldn't ask a follow-up question, so I couldn't take the brother to task on why he had just:

1) danced around my question like Michael Jackson
2) insulted my intelligence by giving such a pointless answer

But he's still my brother. You know why? Cuz the only thing that mattered on the slave ship, at the slave auction, or breathing, was whether or not you're an African in America.

And who knows, massa could've bred our ancestors together at one point.

So whether you love to kiss ass or polish ivory, just remember that we the people have never experienced unalienable rights.

Emancipated by Talib @ 11:59 PM

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...and Howard Dean got known to the political world by whupping the Democrat leadership too, not just the Republicans.

That's why both Democratic and Republican leaders in D.C. attempt to marginalize him so much still.

There are some black Republicans who are pushing an agenda on the GOP that benefit black communities. There need to be more. The kind of black Republicanism that has visited our blog so far lacks imagination, is increasing out of date, and is selling out.

On the Democratic side, one of the most important things that black people can do is get white liberals to start openly "seeing" race in their conversation. They resist it, and it is killing them. And it's killing us because their lack of power isn't doing us much good. They're trying to live so much in the world that will be, that they are failing to relate to us as people in the world that is.

Posted by Blogger Quintus Jett @ Sunday, August 21, 2005 9:57:00 AM #

I would love to get down some black Republicans and figure out ways to improve our communities on a multi-party level.

Where are the black Republicans who are holding it down for our communities instead of holding it down for the GOP?

Posted by Blogger AAFD @ Sunday, August 21, 2005 11:08:00 AM #
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