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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Campaign Trail: Brockton, MA

Sometimes the AAFD mailbox gets an unsolicited message about a black candidate running for state or local office. These "have you heard about..." emails are great. What a great way to hear about candidates you wouldn't otherwise hear about...

Jass Stewart is running for mayor of Brockton, MA. He began his campaign two years ago from the ground up. Quite the long shot he seemed as a candidate with a incumbent mayor who had been in office for almost decade. Then the mayor announced early this year that he wouldn't be running again.

Now Jass Stewart is in the running. All that time when others were looking away from the 2006 mayoral election, we was taking care of business. Building support, tapping into his relationships in his community for volunteers, and developing a platform of accountability, jobs, education, crime, and ownership. And a nice website.

At a time when the Republican Party is finding more black candidates to run, it's good to see another black candidate on the Democrat side enter the scene. There have been black Democrats running for years, and, to me, this is one situation where the Democratic Party is bringing itself down by thier lack of movement in cultivating candidates like Jass Stewart for office.

Jess Stewart's primary election is coming up soon (September 20) - with general election in November. Pass this on quickly to people that you know in Massachusetts. Make a candidate recommendation to Democracy for America. Or contribute to his campaign.

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