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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Check out this column by Star Parker. It is really unfortunate that the GOP has framed their message in terms of "family values" so successfully while it appears that Democrats can't find their way out of a paper bag for fear of offending anyone.

However, I view a lot of GOP commentary as empty political rhetoric. It's the same garbage right-wingers have been pushing since the days of Barry Goldwater, just in a better packaging. Including views from Star Parker who has been rising within the ranks of right-wing opinion pushers. Several years ago she was a flag-ship Black conservative "success story" for enduring tough life battles and getting off welfare. Now she's running game for the GOP. Ain't trying to knock her hustle, but I see her on plenty of right-wing (mostly White) media outlets- not so much in the Black media or even discussed through the grapvine.

I believe that gay-rights battles and the modern Civil Rights Movment cannot and should not be equated, and I'm more moderate to right-of-center in terms of gay rights in general. But I believe it's completely asinine to state that the survival of the Black community rides on a gay marriage amendment. Seriously, what glorious good is going to descend upon the Black community because government denies recognition of gay marriage?

The issues such as fatherless children, adolescent pregnancy, and STD's have everything to do with man-woman relations as opposed to man-man or woman-woman. Shoot, even to take it to the issue of "brothers on the down low"- they ain't trying to get married to each other anyway, so whom does the amendment serve?

With respect to her argument that the gay marriage issue is a signifier of a larger cultural epidemic in which the Black community has to endure the brunt, I say this:

When White America catches an economic cold, Black America gets pneumonia.

When White America catches a cultural cold, Black America doesn't get pneumonia- we get vitamin C.

From the "culture clash" over slavery and the Confederate flag, to the "cultural upheaval" of the 1960's, to the "multiculturalism" debates of the 1980's and 1990's, the "traditional vaules" of White America don't necessarily fall in our favor. Latinos, Native Americans, and other groups can most likely co-sign on that. Even say what you will about hip-hop culture and some of its negative aspects- most of it's vulgarisms stem from corporate profit fishing as opposed to inherent lack of morals- the global and growing popularity of hip hop has young Black entrepreneurs coming out of the woodwork.

I'm very interested to know how many of the Black pastors seeking a gay marriage amendment are also seeking (or receiving) faith-based funds.

To end on a positive note, there is a huge gap Dems can fill in terms of "family values" and all that good stuff:

How about more aggressive promotion of adoption?
How about altering some rules so that the bajillions of Black children waiting for adoption can find parents?
How about some policies to assist in rebuilding the families of former felons?
How about pre- and post-natal education and training to reduce abortions?
How about tax credits for married couples where one spouse has substantially more education and earning power than the other (which is a HUGE issue in the Black community right now)?

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I'm partial to Oscar's play on words a couple weeks ago. When Republicans talk about "family values," Democrats should talk about how they "value families."

And, personally, putting a bigger emphasis on preventing unplanned pregnancies.

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