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Monday, December 04, 2006

Time Capsule

George W. Bush is being unfavoribly compared to Herbert Hoover and he still has two years left in office (impeachment notwithstanding), but Bush still has one play left to try to salvage his legacy from being the single-worst president in American history. Although I've been saying it since last year I want to put this out there as an "I told you so" that I can reference in 2008 when it comes to fruition: we will see Osama's head on a pike at some point in 2008, probably in July or August (definitely before the conventions) but possibly earlier. Personally, I believe capturing Osama won't do much in real terms - everything that Bush touches turns into a heaping pile of fecal material, so it will be a bit like a kid showing off the D that he got in one class and ignoring the long string of F's in every other class, but I'm willing to bet Dubya did that too back in the day.

What's more is that the obvious question will (should) be why it took seven years to capture the one that was supposedly his top priority? My hunch is that they will say that they captured him in 2002 but kept him under wraps for security purposes, complete with time-stamped video that we could trust because this administration would never doctor evidence for public consumption...

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there as a marker in time for when the inevitible comes to pass.

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