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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Political Thought Vol.2

Can anyone please tell what, if any, of the core principles or policies of the Democratic Party since 1965 actually resulted in the redress of grievances or spur prosperity? Don't tell me affirmative action, that is a just a band-aid on a gash- better than nothing but not really solving anything on the whole. Sure incomes amongst black folk went up under Clinton, but so did then number of incarcerated black men.

The fact is that government is very limited in what can do to turn around the destructive effects of American society for the past 400 years or so- W.E.B. DuBois leadership for political progress must be taken together with Booker T. Washington's leadership for economic progress. However there are some things that government can do- such as reformation of the criminal justice system. Such as spurring economic development in impoverished communities that actually brings concrete benefits to the people of those communities instead of pushing them elsewhere. Such as actually looking at the bill introduced by John Conyers to study reparations.

Why is that our black men are continually being herded into prisons while so-called "liberals" are virtually silent? Why is that on the flagship liberal radio station Air America Radio, only a very few voices of color are heard? Not to mention the fact that Air America took over WLIB, a potent pillar of the black community for some time. Where are the policies for increased trade- fair trade- within the African Diaspora?

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