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Friday, December 09, 2005

We Ain't Them


It's really funny; yesterday I was just questioning what it means to be liberal and what are liberal/progressive values, etc.

And then the "conservatives" in the House pass more tax cuts.

Not for lower class folk. Not for folk who are hustlin' trying to pay the light bill, the gas bill, the rent, food, etc.


Tax cuts so that people who already have money will be encouraged to invest more.

Now, I understand the argument that more investment is good for the economy overall (at least I think I do).

But really. Seriously. Let's think about this.

The overall economy may look better in terms charts and graphs and all that good stuff, but none of that is really helping people feed their family. None of that is making schools any better, or healthcare more accesible.

And it certainly, certainly doesn't help pay for the war effort.

Not to mention the huge deficit.

I mean, this doesn't really help define liberal values to any great extent...but I know enough to know those values don't include cutting taxes for people who don't really need it when we got bills to pay!

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